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We are back with the working YT views!

And, as always, cheapest on the market.

YT views - working as of 23.11.2017 - starting from $0.49 per 1000.

UPDATE: Keep in mind, that views orders take up to 8h to start (we process them manually), then S1 server checks counters every 12h and sends more views, and S2 server just do slow drip feed views.

So in case of S1 server orders it's +8h for start, +1h to send 1st batch of views, then check and re-send remaining views in +12h, then again check and re-send in +12h, plus YT takes up to +8h to update counters. So I'm actually sending up to 1,5k per day, but full 1,5k added to your video you'll see on YT counters only somewhere around 35-40h after order posted.

PS. On our working views - retention is 32-35 sec (just enough for YT to count them), GEO is WW check screenshot >>, views are started manually (1-8h start time), these are real desktop views from real people (some likes/dislikes may be added too, but don't count on that). 

Our self-checking, self-correcting YouTube views servers work like this:
When order starts, our servers send all views to your video. But, because of YouTube latest updates, many of that views will not be counted in realtime, then some views that show in realtime will not be accepted as legit views in counters, and - there's no way to predict what views exactly won't be counted or how much. That happens because of constantly changing YouTube algorithm - they use self-learning AI for views analytics, and views we've sent last week (with particular user agents, proxies, screen resolutions, canvas fingerprints etc) may not be accepted today.

So, after 12h of first views batch sent, server checks YouTube views counter of your video and sends remaining views. Then it will wait another 12h and re-check/re-send again, and again, again and again every 12h - untill you get all your views. 

With S1 we sending 700-800 views every 12h (up to 1,5k views per day speed), S2 - 200-250 views every 12h.


!!! PLEASE Read FAQ First !!!

(even if you did earlier - I am adding new info every time I add new service)

Minimum deposit is $20

PayPal mainly, can accept bitcoin via tickets/request.

Zero fees on deposits - send $50, get the exact same $50 to your balance.

You can contact us via email: or Telegram @SMMeta 

Для русскоговорящих заказчиков с платежами через Яндекс.Деньги/СберОнлайн - особые условия (просто регистрируйтесь и открывайте тикет, я всё расскажу =)